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   Building Back’s mission is to empower, strengthen and encourage individuals who live in low income, impoverished communities to not only build these individuals back up, but to build confidence back into the community.

    While our primary focus has been providing children in need with resources such as school supplies and toys for Christmas, Building Back’s objective is to build, encourage, and train those in low income, impoverished communities with the skills necessary to not only build themselves back from the obstacles that prohibit them from becoming successful but to also use those skills to help revitalize the confidence within those communities so that they too can break out of the chains that bond them to cycles and circumstances outside of their control. 

   Check out Sandra's story and inspiration here!


   Building Back Inc. was built on the grit and resilience of our brave CEO, Sandra McKinley. Sandra sees those within the people she is trying to help because she has been there. She knows what it’s like to be knocked down and has even found herself in situations where she herself has had to find the strength to put it in the work necessary to evolve into the person she is today. All she wants is to inspire others to take that chance on themselves, even if it’s only one person's life she gets to change. As one life has the potential to inspire many.​

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